Black Current III: 0-60mph in 1.6s and Battery-Powered

Black Current III is a 1965 100% electric VW Beetle custom built by Sam and Olly Young from Hungerford VW Club using bits of a milk float.

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Black Current III: Smoking

When I first heard about Black Current (version 1, I think) the people I was with at the time remarked that they hadn’t realised electric vehicles can be so powerful. Nor had I.

Black Current III uses two in-line fork-lift-truck motors and is powered by 450 Lithium Cobalt Oxide Cells (LiCo4). It has glass fibre body panels and a chromoly chassis. Its personal best over quarter of a mile is 9.51s @ 134mph. If that doesn’t mean much to you, how about 0-60mph in 1.6s? In June 2011 Black Current III went up against a £1m, 987bhp Bugatti Veyron. It beat it.

Click here to watch Black Current in action.

OK, so Black Current isn’t going to get you from London to Newcastle on a single charge, but you can’t watch this video without admitting that this car rocks. And the fact it beat the Veyron without making any noise is totally weird but I love it.