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Attention Grabbing Printed Textiles


I don’t own a car but if I did I would very much like it to be an original Fiat 500. What they lack in size they make up for in character and the sight of one driving past is guaranteed to bring me to a standstill. There are no shortage of original Fiat 500′s and

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Four of a Kind: Public Transport Livery, Buenos Aires Style


‘Colectivos’ are the thundering city buses that transport Porteños (inhabitants of Buenos Aires) around the city for the equivalent of 17p. The designs are generally old-school, hand-painted and fantastically varied, helping you spot the bus you need before you can read the number.  The interiors are often highly decorative and also transport you to previous decades.

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Four of a kind: The colour of money

Uruguay notes

I recently found myself in Uruguay with a handful of Uruguayan pesos. Their subtle colours and detail really caught my eye.


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Hello Honeysuckle


Goodbye 2010, the year of Pantone 15-5519 (Turquoise). Hello honeysuckle hued 2011. Colour selection can be scary. I doubt there exists a designer who hasn’t agonised over a Pantone swatch book at some stage, if not on a daily basis.

Announced by Pantone back in December, Honeysuckle 18-2120 is apparently a colour for all seasons although

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More typographic treats…

Squidspot Typeface Periodic Table in silver

Choosing the right font can be difficult to say the least, get it right and your artwork looks great but get it wrong and you can send completely the wrong message. Luckily there are a number of interesting typography pieces that I’ve come across recently to help you match up your needs and even your personality

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Four of a kind: Paints in the attic

Watercolour paints

Attics can be magical places with forgotten treasures hidden behind the Christmas decorations… I was poking around in an attic recently and found a mystery wooden box, here are some photos of the contents.

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Topographic typography

Bold and Noble Type Map UK

I’m a sucker for typography so I think that these hand-pulled, screen printed type maps from Bold and Noble are great. You can cast your eye over type maps of London, the UK, Australia or New Zealand. The prints are simple but effective with nice touches such as bigger places denoted with larger fonts.

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IN site: Music Philosophy

Music Philosophy

Image source: Music Philosophy by Mico Toledo

A typographical treat! Music Philosophy, a website by designer Mico Toledo, transforms classic song lyrics into great graphics on a weekly basis.


Be sure to check out Mico Toledo's Flickr page too for more

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A little bit of Bokeh

Custom Bokeh by Designosaur

I love photos and lately I’ve been tinkering with my Bokeh… that is to say trying to create a custom Bokeh effect for my camera using card, scissors and sticky tape. All very Blue Peter. Basically I’ve been trying to turn the out of focus light spots in my photos into a custom shape like a

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