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IN site: The Impossible Hamster

The Impossible Hamster

I recently attended a talk at Bristol’s Big Green Week entitled Growth on a Finite Planet. One of the speakers, Andrew Simms, showed an amusing, short animation perfectly demonstrating the topic. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The Impossible Hamster.
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IN site: The Utopianist


The Utopianist is an on-line magazine about the future. Articles cover technology, culture, economics, environment and even music. There is plenty about sustainability, although they generally avoid the term and lots about design.

Check out this article about a subterranean, solar-lit NYC park. If you watch the

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IN site: SourceMap

Sourcemap - where things come from

Find out where things come from with Sourcemap, a crowdsourced directory of product supply chains and carbon footprints.

I am fascinated by the story behind the products we use and Sourcemap provides a platform to bring some of that information to life in an accessible,

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IN site: GOOD Magazine

Good Magazine

GOOD is an online magazine about what is good in the world. In the words of the creators, they care about what is “sustainable, prosperous, productive, creative, and just”. That fits my philosophy very well. GOOD has great resources of videos, slideshows, DIY projects and infographics and runs competitions to get members interested and

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IN site: OpenIDEO


OPENIDEO is a project from innovation consultancy IDEO that launched in 2010. It is an open innovation platform designed to encourage a global community of creative thinkers to solve problems together online for social good.


I recommend watching the introductory video as it quickly communicates how the site works. There are three

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IN site: IFTTT


Ifttt stands for ‘If This Then That’ and is a personalised web service that enables you to use online tools more creatively by simplifying, consolidating and connecting them. It basically puts the internet to work for you. Brilliant.

Ifttt works by letting you set triggers for specific online events to which you assign an action. You

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IN site: Kiva Microfinance

Kiva Microfinance

Kiva Microfinance

Kiva is a Californian website that lets you become a microinvestor. Microfinance means lending a small amount of money to people in developing countries so that they can start or grow a business. For example, I have just lent a small amount to

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IN site: Edward Burtynsky

Photo: Edward Burtynsky

Photo: Edward Burtynsky

Mind blowing. That’s the only way I can describe Edward Burtynsky‘s photographic depictions of ‘Nature transformed through industry’. The subject matter of his award-winning images tends to be the hidden landscapes of our industrial world; refineries, recycling yards, quarries. The engines of and

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IN site: [re]design


[re]design was set up in 2004 as a network of “designers who don’t want to create landfill”. Headed by Sarah Johnson and Jason Allcorn, [re]design’s mission is to “redesign design” – to get designers incorporating sustainability into their work and to get the public buying it. They do this by organising events, seminars, workshops

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IN site: Feltron


Image: Feltron

So often, hard work and important information are criminally plonked into dull reports and mind numbing charts with not even a hint of formatting. The content means nothing if it can’t be communicated. Someone who understands this better than most is Nicholas Felton of

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