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RCA Show 2012: VeloPresso, a Human-Powered Coffee Shop


VeloPresso is a “pedal-powered mobile coffee-making machine for off-grid selling of quality espresso and its derivatives with a compact footprint and near-silent ultra-low-carbon human-powered operation – fine coffee, no electricity, no motors, no noise.”

Velopresso. Image © Ivan Coleman, source: www.velopresso.cc

Image © Ivan

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IN site: The Impossible Hamster

The Impossible Hamster

I recently attended a talk at Bristol’s Big Green Week entitled Growth on a Finite Planet. One of the speakers, Andrew Simms, showed an amusing, short animation perfectly demonstrating the topic. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The Impossible Hamster.
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Bristol and Newcastle: Britain’s Green and Pleasant Cities


I recently posted about eco-cities Masdar in Abu Dhabi and DongTan in Shanghai. But what about Britain? Does Britain have any sustainable cities already? It’s all very well creating eco-cities from scratch, but more than half the people in the world now live in cities and these cities weren’t designed from

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Black Current III: 0-60mph in 1.6s and Battery-Powered


Black Current III is a 1965 100% electric VW Beetle custom built by Sam and Olly Young from Hungerford VW Club using bits of a milk float.

Black Current III: Smoking

When I first heard about Black Current (version 1, I think) the people I was with at the time remarked that

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IN site: The Utopianist


The Utopianist is an on-line magazine about the future. Articles cover technology, culture, economics, environment and even music. There is plenty about sustainability, although they generally avoid the term and lots about design.

Check out this article about a subterranean, solar-lit NYC park. If you watch the

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Planes, Trains or Automobiles? – Carbon Emissions Compared for Different Forms of Transport

Carbon Emissions Thumbnail

Which forms of transport have the least carbon emissions? I previously wrote about the carbon emissions of travelling from Buenos Aires to London via cargo ship vs. by flying. One of our readers suggested comparing other forms of transport so, hey presto – here’s a chart. And

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IN site: GOOD Magazine

Good Magazine

GOOD is an online magazine about what is good in the world. In the words of the creators, they care about what is “sustainable, prosperous, productive, creative, and just”. That fits my philosophy very well. GOOD has great resources of videos, slideshows, DIY projects and infographics and runs competitions to get members interested and

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Repurposed Vintage Suitcases


Here’s four cool things that you can do with the old suitcases in your loft.

1. Coffee Table
Ashley Poskin, a talented designer maker from Denver, Colorado has repurposed seven vintage suitcases into beautiful coffee tables. She retails them on Etsy here.

She shares her knowledge, too, so if you have your own suitcase

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Electric Car Top Trumps: A Round up of 44 Electric Vehicles


There has been huge progress in the development of electric vehicles and we are at a point now where electric cars are a feasible alternative to petrol and diesel. The variety of electric vehicles already launched or expected to be launched soon is huge (top speeds vary from 24mph to 208mph!) and I wanted to

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Carbon Offsetting vs. Container Ships


Travelling on a container ship from Argentina to England last April got me thinking about carbon footprints. How much CO₂ did I save compared to flying? Would offsetting emissions from a flight have been as good as avoiding flying altogether? Does reducing your carbon footprint even help stop global warming?

1. Avoiding Emissions

So how much carbon did

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