Designersblock 2012 Highlights

There were a few products and materials that stuck in my mind after a quick jaunt around this year’s Designersblock:

Kate Sibley‘s paper jewellery was inspiring, both in terms of embracing fickle fashion in a sustainable way and the choice of material.
Kate Sibley necklace 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights Kate Sibley earrings 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights
Recycled gold findings (hooks) can be swapped between pairs of earrings allowing the wearer to change their jewellery as fashions and fancy dictates with lower environmental impact. I love the interchangeable aspect to this jewellery, it’s an approach that could successfully be applied other fashion items. However, I also loved Kate’s material choice. I had assumed that the jewellery would be made from recycled or FSC paper.. but no… it was better than that…

The earrings and necklaces are made from stone ‘paper’, a material produced from the waste products of the quarrying, construction and/or building industries. The paper is made with approximately 80% Calcium Carbonate ‘dust’ which is bound together with a non-toxic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) resin. Hmm, yes, that is plastic… however the end product is completely biodegradable and the process does not produce waste water – which is possibly the main eco advantage of this paper. 1 tonne of virgin wood pulp paper produces 16,000 gallons of waste water and recycled wood pulp paper produces 9,000 gallons of water. Stone paper is also tear, weather and grease resistant making it a better choice for jewellery than conventional wood pulp paper. Stone Paper is available under various brand names including; Stone Paper, Fiberstone, Terraskin and ViaStone.

Another product that definitely shone out was LFLECT by Lost Values.
Lost Values LFLECT 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights Pop itIMG 1080 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights
LFLECT is a range of reflective knitwear that will ensure you are seen at night, especially useful for cyclists. The beautiful and very innovative range includes scarves, ties, hats, some of which will cover your cycle helmet and bag straps.

Pop-it, also by Lost Values, was a fun way of exploring the waste created by one of my favourite manufacturing processes, laser cutting. The cute bird ring is sold with the disc that had been cut to form the ring, the waste material. However this can be put to good use in transforming the ring into a brooch.

GLO, an ambient light by Draigo, drew my attention and when I got close enough to realise what it was made of I loved it even more.
GLO2 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights GLO1 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights
GLO is made up of approximately 200 plastic milk bottle tops, threaded around an LED loop. The nice thing about GLO is that it’s not obvious that it’s made from waste. It was the colourful, pretty light effect that drew my attention… not its recycled credentials. Brilliant.

Lastly, I was pleased to see so many Plumen energy efficient lightbulbs being used throughout London Design Week. I’ve been in love with them ever since discovering and writing about them back in March so it’s great to see them being used so creatively and extensively.Plumen3 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights Plumen2 240x240 Designersblock 2012 Highlights