Global Sustainability Jam 2012 – London

Across Asia, Europe, Australasia, North and South America and the Middle East this weekend, ‘Jammers’ teamed up for the 2012 Sustainability Jam. At the London Jam, I was invited to be one of the mentors guiding the 80 or so paying participants, grouped into teams, towards ideas to help create a more sustainable world.

In London we met at The Hub, Westminster, which has always had entrepreneurship and sustainability at its heart. The brief was simply (((HEART)))BEATS, leaving the jam deliberately open for ideas to progress in different directions.

The energy levels, enthusiasm and sheer volume of work combined to produce ideas and final presentations of an amazingly high standard. Congratulations must go to the participants as much as to the (volunteer) organisers who did a brilliant job.

london sustainability jam 500x376 Global Sustainability Jam 2012   London

Global Sustainability Jam 2012 – London

My favourite projects ideas from the weekend were:

LightLife, “A tool to co-create a unique wedding for free-thinking socially conscious people who want to make a difference”.

Cyclinks, “Improved Barclays Bike redistribution network system leading to a wireless payment system”

FreeFlow, “Give it, don’t bin it! Making sharing stuff and skills as easy as sharing photos – via a mobile app”

Stranded Wisdom, “Share in the wisdom of others.” This is a truly moving website that cuts to the fundamentals of what it is to be human.


Star Gazing St., “We want buildings to turn off their lights at night, so Londoners can enjoy a clear starry sky.” An art project that cleverly invites corporate sign-up.

All the projects were created under the Creative Commons Licence and were uploaded to the Global Sustainability Jam website during the Jam.

One team member asked me “Is it really feasible to come up with a viable business proposition in one weekend?” and the Jam, for me, has shown that it is. Three of the teams, all with members who’d never met before, said they planned to meet up again and talk about how to take their ideas forward. Certainly, with enough enthusiasm behind them, some of these ideas could be successful and have a positive impact on the world.

Regardless of whether or not any of the ideas make it to fruition, everyone clearly learned something, enjoyed themselves, had their minds expanded, met some amazing people and left feeling inspired. I know I did.