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ifttt 240x240 IN site: IFTTTIfttt stands for ‘If This Then That’ and is a personalised web service that enables you to use online tools more creatively by simplifying, consolidating and connecting them. It basically puts the internet to work for you. Brilliant.

Ifttt works by letting you set triggers for specific online events to which you assign an action. You can personalise these trigger and action combinations to your specific needs.

If you like the idea of simplifying your life but not the idea of getting to grips with yet another online website in order to do so then you can make use of the existing trigger and action combinations or ‘recipes’ that existing ifttt members have created. Examples include; when Facebook profile picture changes ifttt will automatically update yourTwitter profile picture, or when a new album is added to Amazon’s Top Free MP3 Albums ifttt will send you an email.

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So now I can manage and link all my online 'channels' including Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Flickr, YouTube without being a slave to my laptop.