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open ideo IN site: OpenIDEOOPENIDEO is a project from innovation consultancy IDEO that launched in 2010. It is an open innovation platform designed to encourage a global community of creative thinkers to solve problems together online for social good.


I recommend watching the introductory video as it quickly communicates how the site works. There are three phases to each challenge:
1. Participants gather inspiration and upload images, videos and links to share.
2. They submit concepts inspired by everything collected in phase 1 and are encouraged to build on each others’ ideas.
3. The best concept, which remains the property of the contributor, is then chosen by voting and the challenge host is given non-exclusive rights for implementation.

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OpenIDEO is worth a look to see what amazing ideas people come up with but more than that to see how IDEO have created an infrastructure which allows a new level of global collaborative, democratic innovation.