IN site: The Man in Seat Sixty-One, Overland Travel Resource

seat 61 IN site: The Man in Seat Sixty One, Overland Travel ResourceThis website is devoted to helping you travel by train or ferry as an alternative to flying. It has train times & fares from the UK to almost any country in Europe, a special section for those with disabilities and a vast amount of info on virtually all aspects of overland travel.


The site covers pretty much the entire planet – if you click on ‘Malaysia’, for example, you get 360 degree tours of various Malaysian train carriages, links to national train operators, maps, instructions for how to get between major destinations, timetables, international trains, fares, travellers’s reports, security concerns etc. etc. It’s very impressive and I’ve found it an invaluable resource for organising overland travel.

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Mark Smith, the ex-British Rail employee who created the website says "When treating myself to Eurostar's first class, I would always request seat 61 (in cars 7, 8, 11 or 12) to make sure my seat lined up with the window, one of a cosy pair of seats facing each other across a table complete with table lamp, rather like those in an old Pullman car." He likes trains.