Responsible Font Designs

Is it really possible to have a responsibly designed font? Here’s two interesting typographical approaches:

1. ‘Eco’

Putting holes in your font means less ink and this idea has won the creators a European Environmental Design Award (2010). Apparently you can do this to any font and eco fonts are free to download from their website. It doesn’t help much if you’re using it on the internet though!

eco Responsible Font Designs

2. ‘Read Regular’

Created by a friend of mine, Natascha Frensch, this font resulted from a study into dyslexia. The idea is to increase the difference between the letter forms by taking inspiration from handwriting, thus making the font easier to read for dyslexic people – and everybody, in fact. You can visit the font’s website here.

Interestingly, ‘dyslexic’ is just about the only word in the English language where I always get the letter order muddled up.

Read regular Responsible Font Designs