Entrevista con Natalia Hojman, Fundadora de la Empresa de Diseño Sostenible, Kuku / Interview with Natalia Hojman, Founder of Sustainable Design Business, Kuku


Pequena Tienda Kuku / Little Kuku Shop

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¿Podrías contarme un poco sobre Kuku y lo que tu marca representa?
‘Kuku’ es una palabra Quechua que significa ‘fantasma’ o ‘Forma para asustar a los niños’. En Aymara, significa ‘Fruta Verde’.

Kuku es una empresa en constante maduración que

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Erratic Rock and Eco Pampa – Two Inspiring Eco-Hostels


Trying to find a green place to lay your head for the night can be tricky. A lot of places tenuously use the word eco, perhaps because they have a reception desk made from local wood, or because they only wash towels when guests leaves them on the bathroom floor. Such things alone do not make

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Upcycle it, recycle it or just bicycle it… bikes are trendy.


Get on your bike! It’s trendy. This is obviously great news for lowering emissions and improving fitness but the growing trend of the bicycle is also bringing about some great innovations, events and developments. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

Photos: Monochrome

There are a number of companies

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House made of 1200 plastic bottles

Casa de las Botellas

What can you make out of 1200 empty drinks bottles? Well, I recently visited the “Casa de las Botellas” (House of Bottles) in Puerto Iguazu in the North-East of Argentina, a project by Alfredo Alberto Santa Cruz demonstrating how everyday rubbish like plastic bottles and tetrapaks can be used to create housing. I had

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