Designosaur Christmas Tree


Hello readers, Happy Christmas! I thought you might like to see my Christmas tree.

The tree itselft I bought from Kristi Tamming through her Etsy shop. It’s made of reclaimed corrugated cardboard and is 1.4m high. The paper chain I made from some paper I had in the house and I bought some

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Recycling CD’s and Jewel Cases…

Compact discs for recycling

What can you do with stacks of unwanted burned CD’s, DVD’s and the inevitable pile of jewel cases that go with them?

2017 UPDATE: We are informed that unfortunately London Recycling no longer caters for CD /DVD recycling and also that Polymer Recycling Ltd. no longer exists. Green Ant Plastic Recycling offers a granulating service

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IN site: The Utopianist


The Utopianist is an on-line magazine about the future. Articles cover technology, culture, economics, environment and even music. There is plenty about sustainability, although they generally avoid the term and lots about design.

Check out this article about a subterranean, solar-lit NYC park. If you watch the

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Sustainable Eco Cities: Will Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City Succeed where China’s Dongtan Failed?

Masdar City

Dongtan City Plan (Image: www.worldarchitecturenews.com)

A few years ago, I read about an experimental city in China called DongTan. The idea of Dongtan was that it was designed, from the ground up, to be a model for future sustainable urban design. Twenty other towns in China were planned around the

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IN site: SourceMap

Sourcemap - where things come from

Find out where things come from with Sourcemap, a crowdsourced directory of product supply chains and carbon footprints.

I am fascinated by the story behind the products we use and Sourcemap provides a platform to bring some of that information to life in an accessible,

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Planes, Trains or Automobiles? – Carbon Emissions Compared for Different Forms of Transport

Carbon Emissions Thumbnail

Which forms of transport have the least carbon emissions? I previously wrote about the carbon emissions of travelling from Buenos Aires to London via cargo ship vs. by flying. One of our readers suggested comparing other forms of transport so, hey presto – here’s a chart. And

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Bright Ideas… Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Bright Ideas Lightbulbs

In 2007 when the British Government announced that incandescent light bulbs were to be phased out by 2011, the compact fluorescent and LED alternatives were not really up to scratch. Fortunately both the technology and the design have advanced so investing in an energy saving bulb no longer means putting up with ugly, bulky bulbs, slow

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Electric Car Top Trumps: A Round up of 44 Electric Vehicles


There has been huge progress in the development of electric vehicles and we are at a point now where electric cars are a feasible alternative to petrol and diesel. The variety of electric vehicles already launched or expected to be launched soon is huge (top speeds vary from 24mph to 208mph!) and I wanted to

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IN site: Goodlifer


Photo: Goodlifer.com

This is a slick, informative website with something, I think, for anyone and everyone… whatever angle you arrive at it from it’ll have something interesting for you. The site has a US focus but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting for folk outside the

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IN site: Do the Green Thing

Do the Green Thing

Image source: www.dothegreenthing.com

Do the Green Thing is a non-profit public service, attempting to inspire its visitors to lead a greener life based around 7 basic things we can all do. Its approach is inclusive, the tone friendly and fun.


The website takes a bit of searching to find

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