Designosaur Christmas Tree


Hello readers, Happy Christmas! I thought you might like to see my Christmas tree.

The tree itselft I bought from Kristi Tamming through her Etsy shop. It’s made of reclaimed corrugated cardboard and is 1.4m high. The paper chain I made from some paper I had in the house and I bought some

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SWEEEP Kuusakoski – What Happens to our Recycled Electronics?


We are getting used to the idea of recycling our newspapers, aluminium cans and plastic bottles now in the UK. In 2011/12, we recycled 43% of our household waste. Although this is more than ever before, the rate is levelling off. Perhaps we’ve done the easy bit and now we need to start recycling more of

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Designersblock 2012 Highlights

GLO recycled milk bottle top LED light

There were a few products and materials that stuck in my mind after a quick jaunt around this year’s Designersblock:

Kate Sibley‘s paper jewellery was inspiring, both in terms of embracing fickle fashion in a sustainable way and the choice of material.

Recycled gold findings (hooks) can be swapped between

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Positive Thinking…


I recently attended a talk at Clerkenwell Design Week entitled “How can designers truly be sustainable?“, in which Ross Lovegrove and Morten Villiers Warren from Native Design gave some of their views on the subject.

Unfortunately, the discussion session had a decidedly negative conclusion which

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Entrevista con Natalia Hojman, Fundadora de la Empresa de Diseño Sostenible, Kuku / Interview with Natalia Hojman, Founder of Sustainable Design Business, Kuku


Pequena Tienda Kuku / Little Kuku Shop

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¿Podrías contarme un poco sobre Kuku y lo que tu marca representa?
‘Kuku’ es una palabra Quechua que significa ‘fantasma’ o ‘Forma para asustar a los niños’. En Aymara, significa ‘Fruta Verde’.

Kuku es una empresa en constante maduración que

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Bright Ideas… Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Bright Ideas Lightbulbs

In 2007 when the British Government announced that incandescent light bulbs were to be phased out by 2011, the compact fluorescent and LED alternatives were not really up to scratch. Fortunately both the technology and the design have advanced so investing in an energy saving bulb no longer means putting up with ugly, bulky bulbs, slow

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Upcycle it, recycle it or just bicycle it… bikes are trendy.


Get on your bike! It’s trendy. This is obviously great news for lowering emissions and improving fitness but the growing trend of the bicycle is also bringing about some great innovations, events and developments. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

Photos: Monochrome

There are a number of companies

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Bags of Milk

Sainsburys bags in jugs

When I arrived in Buenos Aires in Feb 2009 I was surprised to see the majority of milk being sold in bags. I bought a tetrapak because I wasn’t sure what to do with the bag, although I knew that sachets like this typically use 80 to 90% less material than alternative forms of packaging. After

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Don’t step on my green eco-suede shoes


Gone are the days when buying eco-friendly shoes meant choosing between chunky sandals or chunky sandals… Now there are an ever-increasing number of eco-friendly, vegan, organic and fairly-traded shoes to choose from. Good job too as I am in need of some new shoes. I thought I’d share some of the shoe-shaped treats I’ve found:

Terra Plana

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New Hybrid Eco Car to be Launched at Paris Motor Show


The first (Californian) factory-built Fisker Karma will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in Oct 2010. The stylish hybrid retails for $87,000, does 0-60 in under 6s, has a maximum speed of 120mph, averages 100mpg, sports “eco-suede” and solar panels and in my opinion looks a whole lot cooler than a Prius. Images from www.fiskerautomotive.com


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