Black Current III: 0-60mph in 1.6s and Battery-Powered


Black Current III is a 1965 100% electric VW Beetle custom built by Sam and Olly Young from Hungerford VW Club using bits of a milk float.

Black Current III: Smoking

When I first heard about Black Current (version 1, I think) the people I was with at the time remarked that

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Planes, Trains or Automobiles? – Carbon Emissions Compared for Different Forms of Transport

Carbon Emissions Thumbnail

Which forms of transport have the least carbon emissions? I previously wrote about the carbon emissions of travelling from Buenos Aires to London via cargo ship vs. by flying. One of our readers suggested comparing other forms of transport so, hey presto – here’s a chart. And

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Bright Ideas… Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Bright Ideas Lightbulbs

In 2007 when the British Government announced that incandescent light bulbs were to be phased out by 2011, the compact fluorescent and LED alternatives were not really up to scratch. Fortunately both the technology and the design have advanced so investing in an energy saving bulb no longer means putting up with ugly, bulky bulbs, slow

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Electric Car Top Trumps: A Round up of 44 Electric Vehicles


There has been huge progress in the development of electric vehicles and we are at a point now where electric cars are a feasible alternative to petrol and diesel. The variety of electric vehicles already launched or expected to be launched soon is huge (top speeds vary from 24mph to 208mph!) and I wanted to

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Are Nuclear Power Stations Environmentally Friendly?


The three explosions and a fire (ah – now there’s a second fire) at the Fukushima nuclear plant and the Japanese state of nuclear emergency have already started raising questions about the future of nuclear power. I’ve been wondering recently whether nuclear power is the way forward for us in the UK. It’s a complex and

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