IN site: The Impossible Hamster

The Impossible Hamster

I recently attended a talk at Bristol’s Big Green Week entitled Growth on a Finite Planet. One of the speakers, Andrew Simms, showed an amusing, short animation perfectly demonstrating the topic. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The Impossible Hamster.
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Toxic Cosmetics and why Oxygen kills 30% of Us.

The Story of Cosmetics

Here is the latest film from Free Range Studios who brought us ‘The Story of Stuff’. It is about cosmetics. If you have 8mins to watch it, click here. If you don’t, here’s a summary of what it says:

-If you put toxic chemicals into cosmetics, you get toxic cosmetics.

-In the

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Mongolian yurt

Yurts, it would seem, are an option for anyone seeking a truly eco home… an interesting alternative for anyone not convinced by the plastic bottle houses I recently wrote about. Living in a yurt doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up all your creature comforts, and there are a number of companies from whom

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Films that make my brain whirr

The Age of Stupid

I’ve been checking out some films recently that have got my dinobrain working. There is an ever growing range of films available to watch on the subject of ‘sustainability’ and they vary greatly in terms of their approach, how they tackle physical and/or social factors, whether they answer questions or raise them and of course budget!

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