A Green Roof Over Your Head


Roofs are valuable yet underutilised assets, I can’t help feeling that sometimes they are a bit ‘out of sight, out of mind‘. Encouragingly, I’ve been noticing more and more mentions of green roofs recently. I was also inspired and slightly surprised to spot a veritable jungle growing on the top of a high rise apartment block

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Attention Grabbing Printed Textiles


I don’t own a car but if I did I would very much like it to be an original Fiat 500. What they lack in size they make up for in character and the sight of one driving past is guaranteed to bring me to a standstill. There are no shortage of original Fiat 500′s and

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Four of a kind: A roof over our heads!

Apartment foyer Japan

There is a whole world above our heads that we rarely see unless we take the time to look up! Here are some of my favorite examples of times when I’ve been greatly rewarded after an upward glance at the ceiling or roof above my head.

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Four of a Kind: Taxi!

Airport pick-up taxi in Bolivia

They’re not just useful in getting from A to B… they are iconic too. Here are some of the taxi’s I’ve seen on my travels in all shapes, sizes, colours and with varying numbers of wheels. Many forms, one purpose.

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