IN site: SourceMap

Sourcemap - where things come from

Find out where things come from with Sourcemap, a crowdsourced directory of product supply chains and carbon footprints.

I am fascinated by the story behind the products we use and Sourcemap provides a platform to bring some of that information to life in an accessible,

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IN site: OpenIDEO


OPENIDEO is a project from innovation consultancy IDEO that launched in 2010. It is an open innovation platform designed to encourage a global community of creative thinkers to solve problems together online for social good.


I recommend watching the introductory video as it quickly communicates how the site works. There are three

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IN site: The Man in Seat Sixty-One, Overland Travel Resource


This website is devoted to helping you travel by train or ferry as an alternative to flying. It has train times & fares from the UK to almost any country in Europe, a special section for those with disabilities and a vast amount of info on virtually all aspects of overland travel.



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IN site: Eat Seasonably

Eat Seasonably

A tasty IN site suggestion for you! I am a food lover but I have to admit I have basic knowledge when it comes to knowing what’s in season and what isn’t. And why bother when the local supermarket has 24 hour supplies of anything I could care to fancy?

Well, there are various responses to that like supporting local food suppliers, buying foods that aren’t flown half way across the world or grown out of season using huge heated greenhouses.

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IN site: Goodlifer


Photo: Goodlifer.com

This is a slick, informative website with something, I think, for anyone and everyone… whatever angle you arrive at it from it’ll have something interesting for you. The site has a US focus but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting for folk outside the

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IN site: Do the Green Thing

Do the Green Thing

Image source: www.dothegreenthing.com

Do the Green Thing is a non-profit public service, attempting to inspire its visitors to lead a greener life based around 7 basic things we can all do. Its approach is inclusive, the tone friendly and fun.


The website takes a bit of searching to find

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IN site: Music Philosophy

Music Philosophy

Image source: Music Philosophy by Mico Toledo

A typographical treat! Music Philosophy, a website by designer Mico Toledo, transforms classic song lyrics into great graphics on a weekly basis.


Be sure to check out Mico Toledo's Flickr page too for more

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IN site: Things Organised Neatly


This image based Tumblr site is definitely one for anyone who is a fan of tessellating. I defy anyone who likes just a little bit of order in their lives to not find any of these images satisfying…

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IN site: The Selby

The Selby

The Selby is a project by Todd Selby, a portrait, interiors and fashion photographer and illustrator giving us an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces.

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