SWEEEP Kuusakoski – What Happens to our Recycled Electronics?


We are getting used to the idea of recycling our newspapers, aluminium cans and plastic bottles now in the UK. In 2011/12, we recycled 43% of our household waste. Although this is more than ever before, the rate is levelling off. Perhaps we’ve done the easy bit and now we need to start recycling more of

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Kebony, Accoya, Thermowood and Engineered Alternatives to Tropical Hardwoods


I’ve recently been doing a project that’s needed a hard, durable and dimensionally stable wood. Traditionally, tropical hardwoods have been used for projects like these, but is there not an alternative that doesn’t destroy the rainforests?

Hacking down forests and not replacing them causes the extinction of species (tropical rainforests are home to half of all species),

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Designersblock 2012 Highlights

GLO recycled milk bottle top LED light

There were a few products and materials that stuck in my mind after a quick jaunt around this year’s Designersblock:

Kate Sibley‘s paper jewellery was inspiring, both in terms of embracing fickle fashion in a sustainable way and the choice of material.

Recycled gold findings (hooks) can be swapped between

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Recycling CD’s and Jewel Cases…

Compact discs for recycling

What can you do with stacks of unwanted burned CD’s, DVD’s and the inevitable pile of jewel cases that go with them?

2017 UPDATE: We are informed that unfortunately London Recycling no longer caters for CD /DVD recycling and also that Polymer Recycling Ltd. no longer exists. Green Ant Plastic Recycling offers a granulating service

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RCA Show 2012 – Three Interesting Projects from Innovation Design Engineering

Esource by Hal Watts

Yesterday I had a quick peek at some of this year’s RCA show, in particular at Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) where there was a great mix of projects. Here are three that caught my eye:

Esource by Hal Watts
Esource is an electrical cable recycling system designed for cottage industry recyclers

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Milk Fibre Fashion

Milk Fibre Fashion

I am continuing my quest to investigate sustainable alternatives to Polyester and Cotton. Recently I wrote about Bamboo Fabric… this week it’s all about milk. Yes, milk. Which can be transformed into a biodegradable, renewable, synthetic fibre with anti-bacterial properties.

Turning milk into a sustainable

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Is Bamboo a Sustainable Fabric? Or Is it Just Bamboozling Us…


Polyester and cotton are the two most common and widely produced textiles worldwide. But they are far from eco-friendly with Polyester being derived from non-renewable petroleum and cotton’s destructive thirst for water, fertilisers and pesticides. Over the next few months I am going to investigate some sustainable alternatives to Polyester and Cotton. First up… Bamboo.

Innovative Uses of Wood in Product Design


I’ve been noticing more and more wood creeping into the realm of consumer electronics and fashion, in products where plastic usually reigns. It’s a welcome arrival, especially because it suggests that designers are successfully challenging industry ‘defaults’ in terms of material choices. Here are three wooden products that have caught my attention recently.

Back in 2006, I

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Attention Grabbing Printed Textiles


I don’t own a car but if I did I would very much like it to be an original Fiat 500. What they lack in size they make up for in character and the sight of one driving past is guaranteed to bring me to a standstill. There are no shortage of original Fiat 500′s and

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Is Bamboo Environmentally Friendly?


A very renewable material, bamboo is a grass and has been measured growing as fast as one metre (39 inches) IN ONE DAY!

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