SWEEEP Kuusakoski – What Happens to our Recycled Electronics?


We are getting used to the idea of recycling our newspapers, aluminium cans and plastic bottles now in the UK. In 2011/12, we recycled 43% of our household waste. Although this is more than ever before, the rate is levelling off. Perhaps we’ve done the easy bit and now we need to start recycling more of

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Designersblock 2012 Highlights

GLO recycled milk bottle top LED light

There were a few products and materials that stuck in my mind after a quick jaunt around this year’s Designersblock:

Kate Sibley‘s paper jewellery was inspiring, both in terms of embracing fickle fashion in a sustainable way and the choice of material.

Recycled gold findings (hooks) can be swapped between

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Recycling CD’s and Jewel Cases…

Compact discs for recycling

What can you do with stacks of unwanted burned CD’s, DVD’s and the inevitable pile of jewel cases that go with them?

2017 UPDATE: We are informed that unfortunately London Recycling no longer caters for CD /DVD recycling and also that Polymer Recycling Ltd. no longer exists. Green Ant Plastic Recycling offers a granulating service

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RCA Show 2012 – Three Interesting Projects from Innovation Design Engineering

Esource by Hal Watts

Yesterday I had a quick peek at some of this year’s RCA show, in particular at Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) where there was a great mix of projects. Here are three that caught my eye:

Esource by Hal Watts
Esource is an electrical cable recycling system designed for cottage industry recyclers

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Could Home 3D Printers lead to a Post-Industrial Revolution?


If you don’t know what rapid prototyping is, it’s a method of ‘printing’ physical objects out from a computer. If you have a 3D computer model of a bottle opener, for example, you can print out a bottle opener in plastic or metal and use it to open a bottle. Or you could print out some

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Erratic Rock and Eco Pampa – Two Inspiring Eco-Hostels


Trying to find a green place to lay your head for the night can be tricky. A lot of places tenuously use the word eco, perhaps because they have a reception desk made from local wood, or because they only wash towels when guests leaves them on the bathroom floor. Such things alone do not make

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Upcycle it, recycle it or just bicycle it… bikes are trendy.


Get on your bike! It’s trendy. This is obviously great news for lowering emissions and improving fitness but the growing trend of the bicycle is also bringing about some great innovations, events and developments. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

Photos: Monochrome

There are a number of companies

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Vancouver’s wibbly wobbly recycled olympic medals

Vancouver gold medal

I just noticed that the medals for the recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver were made using recycled electronic waste recovered from circuit boards. Well actually they contained ‘token’ amounts of recycled e-waste (Gold medals contained 1.52% recycled e-waste, Silver medals 0.12% and Bronze medals 1.11%). Whilst this sounds like a pathetically small amount, it is, according

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House made of 1200 plastic bottles

Casa de las Botellas

What can you make out of 1200 empty drinks bottles? Well, I recently visited the “Casa de las Botellas” (House of Bottles) in Puerto Iguazu in the North-East of Argentina, a project by Alfredo Alberto Santa Cruz demonstrating how everyday rubbish like plastic bottles and tetrapaks can be used to create housing. I had

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