Planes, Trains or Automobiles? – Carbon Emissions Compared for Different Forms of Transport

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Which forms of transport have the least carbon emissions? I previously wrote about the carbon emissions of travelling from Buenos Aires to London via cargo ship vs. by flying. One of our readers suggested comparing other forms of transport so, hey presto – here’s a chart. And

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Electric Car Top Trumps: A Round up of 44 Electric Vehicles


There has been huge progress in the development of electric vehicles and we are at a point now where electric cars are a feasible alternative to petrol and diesel. The variety of electric vehicles already launched or expected to be launched soon is huge (top speeds vary from 24mph to 208mph!) and I wanted to

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Carbon Offsetting vs. Container Ships


Travelling on a container ship from Argentina to England last April got me thinking about carbon footprints. How much CO₂ did I save compared to flying? Would offsetting emissions from a flight have been as good as avoiding flying altogether? Does reducing your carbon footprint even help stop global warming?

1. Avoiding Emissions

So how much carbon did

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Erratic Rock and Eco Pampa – Two Inspiring Eco-Hostels


Trying to find a green place to lay your head for the night can be tricky. A lot of places tenuously use the word eco, perhaps because they have a reception desk made from local wood, or because they only wash towels when guests leaves them on the bathroom floor. Such things alone do not make

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Container Ship or Green Aeroplane?

Repubblica Brasile

Just to let you know, I am about to set off on a 29 day cargo ship voyage from Buenos Aires to London for the purposes of reducing carbon emissions, seeing how far 7,000 miles actually is and generally having a new experience. This means that there won’t be any Designosaur posts until mid May, I’m

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IN site: The Man in Seat Sixty-One, Overland Travel Resource


This website is devoted to helping you travel by train or ferry as an alternative to flying. It has train times & fares from the UK to almost any country in Europe, a special section for those with disabilities and a vast amount of info on virtually all aspects of overland travel.



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