More typographic treats…

Squidspot Typeface Periodic Table in silver

Choosing the right font can be difficult to say the least, get it right and your artwork looks great but get it wrong and you can send completely the wrong message. Luckily there are a number of interesting typography pieces that I’ve come across recently to help you match up your needs and even your personality

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IN site: Music Philosophy

Music Philosophy

Image source: Music Philosophy by Mico Toledo

A typographical treat! Music Philosophy, a website by designer Mico Toledo, transforms classic song lyrics into great graphics on a weekly basis.


Be sure to check out Mico Toledo's Flickr page too for more

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Responsible Font Designs

Eco Typeface

Is it really possible to have a responsibly designed font? Here’s two interesting typographical approaches:

1. ‘Eco’

Putting holes in your font means less ink and this idea has won the creators a European Environmental Design Award (2010). Apparently you can do this to any font and eco fonts are free to download from their

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