Welcome to The Designosaur Blog

I may look prehistoric, but don’t underestimate me… having been through the catastrophic extinction of my own race I’m fascinated about the next few decades; the facts, myths, attitudes and innovations that are shaping the human races’ attempt to adapt. I have a firm belief in sharing inspiration and ideas about Design and Creativity, which have a huge role to play, so that is exactly what I plan to do, right here… in fact you can check out my first post ‘Films that make my brain whirr’.

I’ll also be asking some of my friends to share their ideas and inspirations with you too and amongst all this you’ll find the odd ‘IN site’ into my favorite website of the moment as well as my ‘Four of a kind’ photo collections capturing themed snippets of everyday observations. After all… we live in an incredible world, lets share it!

I’m a sociable fellow so please get in touch if you have any suggestions or ideas. You can email me or find me on facebook and flickr. If you want to keep up to date with the blog then you can subscribe to automatically receive new blog posts in your inbox.
BLOG hello Welcome to The Designosaur Blog

So, welcome... enjoy... and hopefully see you again soon!