Mongolian yurt YurtsYurts, it would seem, are an option for anyone seeking a truly eco home… an interesting alternative for anyone not convinced by the plastic bottle houses I recently wrote about. Living in a yurt doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up all your creature comforts, and there are a number of companies from whom you can buy yourself a yurt to live in. Admittedly I think most of their customers might be yoga retreats and festival organisers but here are some intriguing examples of real people really living in real yurts (and not a yoga mat in sight):
‘Yurt Living in Upstate New York’ from the tinyhouseblog.com and
‘Living in a Yurt’ in Ontario from treehugger.com

Yurt YurtsSo, it seems the three main advantages to yurts are:
1. Cheap, with a basic yurt (22 feet in diameter) costing approx $5000 (US). Or you can relatively easily build your own (apparently). Depending where you are the planning laws are easier too I believe.
2. Incredibly durable and practical. Why else would Mongolian nomads have chosen them as their home, they apparently date back to the fourth century B.C.
3. Eco-friendly, using natural and renewable materials as well as providing a better connection with your surroundings and nature…

Convinced? Let me know what you think…

And whilst we’re on the subject of yurts, if you fancy seeing what traditional Mongolian yurt life is like then check out this film. One of my all time favorites and simply beautiful: ‘The Cave of the Yellow Dog’ Directed by Byambasuren Davaa (who also directed the award-winning ‘The Story of the Weeping Camel’). Don’t expect any high-paced Hollywood action explosions!